Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hey everyone,
Today i was reading about the BIG DATA ANALYSIS and the R LANGUAGE. And i found that the field of Data Analysis is so vast field and also find it an interesting too. In Data Analysis we use to analysis the data according to the data given of the previous year and try to predict the results of the present and up coming years. Data Analysis is used in various fields like medical, economical, public polling, and many more.
R LANGUAGE is a statistical and graphical language used for the data analysis. It is a language which is a implementation of S LANGUAGE i.e statistical language. The name of R Language is take from the first name of the creaters. It is developed in University Of Auckland.
Today when i was searching for various cases of data analysis through the use of R Language. I found many cases in which predictive analysis is 
In this case history the theoretical and practical economical analysis is given by using predictive analysis and some other factors and analysis technics.

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