Monday, 2 May 2016

Feasibility Study

The detailed studies carried out to check the work ability of proposed system. A feasibility study is a test of system proposal regarding its work ability, impact on the organization, ability to meet user needs and effective use of resources. Thus during feasibility analysis for this project, following primary areas of interest were considered. Investigating the existing system in the area under investigation and generating ideas about a new system does this.
Technical Feasibility
This evaluation determines whether the technology needed for the proposed system is available or not.
• It will avoid multiple file handling
• Registration and query generation is very easy
• The new system provides full security of confidential data
Economical Feasibility
The system will be developed and operated in the existing hardware and software infrastructure. So there is no need for procuring additional hardware and software for the system. The proposed system will replace the hectic effort, cost and man power involved in the existing system. The employees will be trained in using and operating the system. Thus the project is economically feasible for the department.
Behavioral Feasibility

It can be operated by anyone since it provides an effective and user-friendly GUI. Therefore, it can be operated by anyone without requiring some special technical skills to operate. This mainly includes the users which are using this application. They can schedule their visit without wasting their precious time and also help the operation team in providing fast and effective service delivery. For the new users who are using the application for the first time it is very simple. They can easily understand it as it is very responsive. Generally all the fragments and the activities have been displayed for the easy preference of the user.

Scheduled Feasibility
The project is assigned to the intern as an internship exercise to complete within a fixed schedule of time. Each module of the system is designed following a specific module in order to assist the proper accomplishment of all requirements.

  • To complete the project as per schedule.
  • Create a truly collaborative work environment where visibility of the work involved in the project.
  • Communication breakdowns cause unclear goals and objectives.

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