Monday, 28 March 2016

Human Capital Management - A New Perspective of HR Department

Earlier, the function of human resources is associated with the person who handled employee paperwork and personnel files. But today, the role of HR has become a much more important and dynamic. Some companies even refer to HR's activities as human capital management (HCM) to reflect the strategic and leadership-oriented nature of the department. It was also found that HR experts shared their insights for companies who are looking to provide the best Human Capital management for their workforce. Few things that HCM takes care of: -
1) Look beyond recruiting and onboarding.
2) Learn the best way to manage each employee.
3) Invest in the right technology.
4) Take a positive, but transparent approach to communication.
5) Continue to change with the times.
To read more about HCM, follow the article by Nicole Fallon(Assistant Editor at Business News Daily) at:

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