Wednesday, 2 March 2016

IT Issues of 2016

The Information Technology (IT) industry had changed a lot from its early years. If we see today, IT sector is changing at the rapid rate and also the problems related to it. Today IT is everywhere directly or indirectly. But if we look at the education system, it was never been easier to manage, but nowadays, it is like a choice between the difficult and the impossible. That is because of the rapid changes. So it is the reason of slowing down the pace of IT sector. The question arises as to how can we align our timelines and change our ecosystem? Top ten IT Issues gives a clear response: Divest, Reinvest, and Differentiate. The ten issues divided into these three categories are: 

# Differentiate: 
* Optimizing educational technology. 
* Student success technologies. 
* BI and analytics. 
* E-learning and online education. 

# Reinvest: 
* Information security. 
*IT Workforce Hiring and Retention. 
* IT Workforce Hiring and Retention 
* IT Organizational Development.

# Divest: 
* Institutional data management. 
* Enterprise application integration. 

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