Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Things that AI can do better than we do

When we talk about Artificial intelligence, we always come across the question,' will there ever be possible that machine replaces humans and preforming better than us?' The answer is partially 'yes', as at least in many things machines are performing as unchallenged champions of creativity and intelligence. Areas where artificial intelligence already performing better than humans are. 
#Search the web quicker. Machine learning AI helps in web engine optimization through understanding the meaning of words and phrases, and can therefore guess what should be in the page ranking in never seen before searches. 
#Work in deadly environments. Robots can survive in conditions where humans can’t like deep space, the oceans penthouse, or inside a radioactive reactor. 
#Get a PhD quickly. Few critics of AI argue that machines could never be creative, or curious, or discover anything of significance, but team at Tufts have proved the naysayers wrong. 
#Deliver a correct medical diagnosis. #Translate in many languages. 

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