Monday, 11 January 2016

Changing Life with Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Why to go far? If we see in our recent past artificial intelligence and machine learning were very exciting and dream topics among engineers and developers. But now machine learning has emerged as the ideal branch of big data and working as oxygen to concepts like artificial intelligence. Year 2015, was a year of massive market shifts. Machine learning (ML) and its superset artificial intelligence (AI) where computer receives new information and learn without supervision have played very important and revolutionary role for the shift. Still Machine Learning has much more in the store. Year 2016 is going be a big year for machine learning. Usually, computers have been used to enhance the ability to carry out tasks. Users see this with features like autocomplete and spell check. In the upcoming year these leaps are likely to be made on three fronts: natural language processing, personalization, and security.  To know more about machine learning follow the article written by Motti Nisani(author) at: -

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