Friday, 1 April 2016

Agile Apps Development

Mobile app developers are changing the app building and maintenance approach to technologies and architecture that supports modular apps with collaborative development process and is flexible, speedy. Whether you're making an enterprise or external customer apps, it is an iterative process. Waterfall development practices that lead to monolithic apps are unable to support the demands of developers, to create and update apps for modern mobile users. Platforms are supporting flexibility through granular, componentized and agile architectures and practices.  Those who are involved in DevOps think about how to divide system into smaller pieces so they can be independently and quickly updated. Adopting a modular approach create a number of opportunities for efficiency. So, where do you begin? Here are three emerging technology trends that will get your mobile app development teams headed in the right direction. 
1) Micro services. 
2) Cards and Deep Links. 
3) Native JavaScript Frameworks. 
To read more about it follow the article by Peter Crocker (Founder and Principle Analyst at Smith’s Point Analytics) at:

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