Wednesday, 6 April 2016

All About Application Migration

Presently companies started shifting or planning to shift on cloud and updating there entire data center with modern converged infrastructure solutions. They are optimizing their entire ecosystem to support mobility and new kinds of end-point technologies. To stay agile in today’s market, need is to design an environment that’s ready for visualization and cloud. Organizations are running into application migration challenges. Those can be very serious:
1. Some apps can’t be visualized.
2. Some apps simply can’t be moved into a cloud ecosystem.
3. Some apps have critical legacy dependencies.
4. Some apps are challenged by compliance and security measures.
So here’s the good news: new technologies are enabling a very granular understanding of applications and their unique requirements. Let’s look at some ways that can work with challenging applications and some application migration options.
# Understanding the Application DNA
# What to Do With Mainframes?
# Working Around Dependencies
# Getting Creative with Challenge Apps
# Ripping Off the Band-Aid.
To read in detail follow the article by Bill Kleyman at:

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