Friday, 8 April 2016

Everyone trying to “scale agile” or “be agile at scale” is attempting to address these scale areas

Everyone is having the understanding with how to “do agile” or “be agile,” individually or as a team. Regardless of whether people are doing and being agile correctly and successfully, everyone is now busy either scaling agile or being agile at scale. But the questions are. Why? What are the main reasons for all agile conferences these days to have scaling sessions on their programs? Why are many new agile books not about individual teams anymore? Which market needs have been identified by the global explosion of scaling programs, consultants, coaches, certificates, frameworks and seminars? That is what found is: 1) Growth. 2) Coordination. 3) Orchestration. 4) Legacy 5) Complexity. To read more about it follow the article written by Jurgen Appelo (Pioneering management in creative organization)at:

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