Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Dr. Robot: Future of Health Care with AI

We can’t imagine today’s world without IT sector. In each and every sector such as finance, medical, engineering, politics and many more IT is playing an important role by improving accuracy and perfection. Similarly in the field of health science, Artificial intelligence and robotics is playing very important role in transforming the health care industry as well as also helping with taking better decisions and improving public health. According to an estimation more than 6 billion dollars: That’s how much health care providers and consumers will be spending every year on artificial intelligence tools by 2021. If we believe on people related to health care industry then it is clear that in future AU will be everywhere- from diagnosing cancer to providing weight-loss coaching. No one can doubt on the ability of AI to sort through scads of information, and remember everything it has ever seen, could enable a digital version of Dr. House, the brilliant diagnostician from the eponymous TV show. "At first, it's a complete mystery, it could be one of ten different things," he says, about the process in the show, and real life, called differential diagnosis. AI can take care of more factors so it may help doctors to take better decision in care of “democratize” diagnosis. “Democratize” diagnosis is general cardiologist rather than a team with different sub-specialties. To know more read the article by Sean Captain at:

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