Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Prevent System outage with Machine Learning

Failures in the functioning of equipment are inevitable in any kind of industry. The repair and recovery time often leads to big financial losses each year. But we have machine learning and predictive analytics as a solution. The machine learning models are trained to learn the ideal functioning of the machinery. Then this functioning is compared with how the machines are working at present. So if even a minor change occurs somewhere, it doesn't go unnoticed. Then, with the help of predictive analytics the loss that can take place in the near future is predicted. This adds to the huge advantage of the firms. Learn more about this in the article written by Mike Reed   (manager of analytical services for Avantis PRiSM software) at: http://www.intelligentutility.com/article/16/02/saving-money-and-man-hours-machine-learning

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