Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Good Business Ideas for Start-ups

Start-up and entrepreneurship is not regarding ideas you have, it is regarding the execution of that idea as well as the follow-through on it. Great ideas without execution and follow-through stand nowhere even it may happen that you have an idea, but haven't executed it and the people who follow the same idea and executed may build a huge start-up. The important things one need to do, if one wants to achieve success with your idea are: 
1. be confident. 
2. Accept risk. 
3. Define your purpose. 
4. Create a plan. 
5. Assemble a like-minded team. 
6. Constantly build momentum. 
7. Anticipate obstacles. 
8. Establish a professional/personal balance. 
9. Set micro-goals. 
10. Be patient. 
To read in detail, follow the article by Jonathan Long (Founder and CEO, Market Domination Media) at:

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