Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Difference between Hadoop and Apache Spark

Hadoop and Apache Spark are seen as the competitors in the world of big data, but now the growing consensus is that they are better convention in together. Here is a brief look at what they do and how they are compared.  1. They do different things: Both are the big-data frameworks, but they do not serve the same purposes. Hadoop is a distributed data infrastructure. It also Indexes and keep track of that data, enabling big-data processing and analytics. On the other hand, Spark is a data processing tool. Secondly, both can be used individually, without the other. 3. Spark is faster 4. You may not need Spark's speed: Spark is fit for real-time marketing campaigns, online product recommendations, cybersecurity analytics and machine log monitoring. 5. Failure recovery: differently, but still good. Read more at:

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